How available are the web platform's features?

This lil' webapp indicates the percentage of users who have a browser that natively supports various web platform features.

It's powered by data from, updated April 19, 2021, and StatCounter (which, admittedly, has its problems).

The list is sorted by Feature Activity Recency (FAR): a metric I made up, capturing how recently the overall browser support has improved.


The numbers above only consider native support and not polyfills or other fallback scenarios.

btw- I've filtered out the obviously-supported features (if the features have been around for 10 years). If you want to see those ~200 filtered features, reload with ?all

Built with 🐠 by Paul Irish. (This app started as just hacking apart Paul Kinlan's lovely, so thanks Mr Kinlan!)

github repo:

Oh! And if you're a nerd for browser/feature compatibility data, i'd also recommend checking out (the database behind MDN's compat tables), and, the tests that browser engineers/spec writers collaborate on for comformance. The Web API Confluence Dashboard is also very cool.

Okay, bye for real this time. ✌